Studio Inspiration

Hello and Happy New Year! It feels a bit strange to be blogging again. You see, I began blogging back in 2008. I started documenting my life as a newly wed and all of my many creative endeavors I was working on. Back then, I was a portrait photographer and shared much of my work on my site. I also liked documenting home decor and the renovations we completed on our old 1960's ranch and our farmhouse. After a few children and working full-time (not as a photographer), blogging became non-existent. I have been feeling the urge to get back behind the computer and write, instead of just endless perusing of Instagram and Pinterest... so here it goes! I can't promise to be consistent, but hopefully more than 1 post per year!

For the past year, we have been rebuilding the barn that was on our property when we purchased the land. Yes, you read that right, it has taken an entire year. Various issues with our contractor, insurance, banks and inspections it is still not complete. Hopefully soon! Anyways, in the top floor of the barn, I will have a studio! This is really exciting for me because my current "studio" is on one wall in our laundry room which often serves as our home's catch-all. I can't wait to have a space of my very own! 


The loft has milled Georgia pine floors, windows overlooking our backyard and giant oak tree, and great sunlight. There will be one large open room with a huge work table and a small bathroom. For the larger room, I have created the design below as a starting point. I want it somewhat feminine but also rustic because it is a barn after all. For the bathroom, we have salvaged an old claw foot tub and also an old school house sink. I may paint the tub a fun color to coordinate with everything else. 


We still have a long way to go until we are at this point! We are hoping to get our final inspection this month and then begin finishing out the upstairs. I will try to update throughout the process!