Picking a new rug

Sometime last summer when we first began building our house, I started picking out a rug for the living room. I am not sure why I felt the need to buy something so early, I guess I was excited to start decorating. I came across the rug below on Rugsusa.com and fell in love instantly. I waited until I found a big coupon to use and made the purchase. 

The day before our fire, I had moved the rug out of the living room and into an upstairs bedroom so that the wrinkles could fall out of it. I am grateful that I moved it because I am sure it probably would have caught fire pretty quickly when the flames poured out of the fireplace and onto the floor... Anyways, the rug was treated for smoke damage with the rest of our belongings and we brought it back into the living room. Unfortunately, whatever was used to treat the rug, also took off any bit of factory stain blocker. This thing is now a magnet for everything dirty that wouldn't otherwise show up. It has been in the house a month and already looks filthy. With two dirty little boys and a huge dog, this thing wont last another month if we keep it in our living room.  The plan is to move it to our master bedroom and our insurance has graciously agreed to replace it. Now the tricky part will be to find a rug as much as I love this one. 

Option #1 I found this rug on Target.com and is made of the same soft material yet has much darker colors. I think charcoal would be a safe bet.
Option #2 I love the vintage look of this rug, but reviewers commented that they grey was more of a light blue in person... Not sure how light blue would look in our house.
Option #3 This is somewhat of a neutral option, but I think a little to plain for my liking.

Option #4 I like the idea of having a natural fiber rug like jute, but I am afraid it will be too rough in a space like a living room. 
Which choice is your favorite? I am leaning towards #1!