31 days of Building a Home - Lets take a vote!

I have run out of material for this week. Instead I am hoping that y'all can help me with a dilemma we are having. After the installation of our fireplace, we are realizing that our furniture is going to be a bit cramped in the living room. The issue stems from the columns in the middle of the living room/ kitchen area. Originally we planned to incorporate the island into this space like this... but it is cramping the living room side while leaving parts of the kitchen awkwardly open. 

 Here is what the space looks like in our house. We plan to put a sofa centered between the columns and facing the fireplace, then one perpendicular to the left of it. 

Here is a possible option I found today. This would allow for a sort of wall to back the couch up to and give more room between the fireplace and couch. Then the island would be floated in the middle of the kitchen similar to this. 

Option 1. or Option 2? Or maybe you have a solution that we have not even thought of! I would love to hear your thoughts!