Stick a Fork in me

Because I'm DONE.
If one more person clearly points out that I'm only 38 weeks I may hit them. Yes, 38 weeks is technically early, but when your first baby comes at 38 weeks naturally, one normally assumes your second will be early too.
Also if someone else looks at me and my enormous belly and says "still no baby??" like they cant tell I haven't given birth... I may just slap them too.
AND while I'm ranting, to the lady at work who asked me once again "are you sure your butt hasnt gotten bigger?" I have already told you that is very rude to say, why would you say it again?
If you can't tell, IM READY!
Here is the only 38 week picture I plan to take, and my mom forced me to do this one on Easter. I'm not really feeling so photogenic... you know ''Big Butt" and all.

How Far Along? 38 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Unfortunately yes, it got cold again this week so I have had to squeeze my big butt into my pants again.

Weight Gain? 24-25 lbs? no idea we don't own a scale

Stretch Marks? One. Hoping I dont add to it.

Gender? Boy

Sleep? What's that?

Food Cravings? watermelon, sushi

What I Miss? Not having a big butt

Symptoms? sexy cankles, false labor, groin pain that makes it impossible to do anything but waddle and shuffle my feet to walk. I am a true joy to read about, no?

Belly Button? outish

Best Moment of the Week? Finally finishing the nursery. I hope to share photos once we get the computer hooked back up in the basement.
Keating has been quite helpful in the nursery decorating department. He is also quite curious about all of the baby toys that he doesn't remember, particularly the bumbo. He will sit in it and then get mad that he can't get out. He's a pretty funny kid. A few nights ago, he knocked on our bedroom door at 2:30am. When I got up to see why he was out of bed, he told me that he wanted to eat cake. What the heck? No clue where he gets this stuff. We didn't even have cake in our house. This kid says the darndest things.
Well I will spare everyone with more of my complaining, but hopefully in the next few days I'll be back with a new baby to report!
CandaceBaby Archer