Archer's Nursery

Better late than never that I post photos of Archer's nursery! I am putting them up on a borrowed computer and they have not been color edited so some of the colors are a bit off... just use your imagination! It is still a work in progress, but at 38 weeks I lost a little bit of decorating steam.
I left the walls the original color they were painted so that this room can transition back into a guest room when Archer is old enough to share a room with Keating. I wanted a mix of blue's and greens and at the last minute decided to throw in a bit of orange.
One of my favorite things about the room is the drapes. I had been eyeing the fabric at a local store, but it was too pricey for me to justify for a nursery. On a random lunch break from work, I popped in the store and it was marked down to 6.99 a yard. I couldn't not use it at that point! The curtain rod is a damaged one from Hobby lobby that a little Gorilla Glue and copper spray paint fixed right up. I even used plastic shower curtain rings so that they were a bit bulkier than the clip on kind and cheaper .97 cents for a whole pack! The lamp is from Goodwill that I spray painted white and the shade is from Walmart. The bamboo shades are from JC Penney Home.
The A, I sketched out on plywood and had Brad cut it out. I coated it in a couple of coats of orange craft paint and then distressed it with the orbital sander and glazed it.
My other favorite part of the nursery is the Archer's peaches sign. I had been hoping to find an old sign that coincidentally had his name on it... since that was a long shot I decided to make my own. Its also made out of plywood and I painted the details on it. It was a serious labor of love that Keating and I worked on together (he helped with the sanding) but I love the way it turned out.
It also does a pretty good job of filling up the large vacant wall. Although I still may add something else to fill in the gaps.
The random copper bin in the corner is our make shift laundry basket until I can find something I like better. This just happened to be in the basement.

Keating had to make sure that the glider was still suitable for rocking. The ottoman was my great grandmothers that I recovered years ago. I like that its mis-matched. Every night when I sat rocking Keating, I had wished I had something to prop my feet up on, this just happened to be the perfect height.
And for the bedding. I can proudly say that I made it all, and making bedding really isn't that hard. You should try it! I had my heart set on the lime houndstooth print by Serena and Lily, but the sheet had been discontinued. Lucky for me, they still sold the fabric by the yard. I scored it on clearance.
The crib skirt is made out of a cheap flat white sheet from walmart. I made separate panels for each side and attached them to the bed frame so that they can be adjusted by height once the bed is lowered down. The trim is navy blue blanket binding that I stitched on. The blanket was a tutorial that I found on Pinterest for making chenilled blankets. It was by far the most time consuming project of the whole nursery. I wish I had bought more of the fabric to make bumpers, but by the time I realized this, Joann's had sold out and hasn't since gotten more. Crib bumpers are so taboo lately, but I just love the way they look. The bed looks a bit naked without them to me.
Above the bed I plan to have canvases made once I get photos taken of our little man. For now its a work in progress as well.
It is pretty simple, but I do love the way everything came together. Especially at the last minute!
CandaceBaby Archer