I'm a boy mom

Yesterday while interviewing a prospective employee, she stood up to leave and asked "Are you having a girl?" when I smiled and said "No, its a little boy" Her answer was "oh shucks." (I didnt know people still said that?) For some reason the ignorance of this woman really got under my skin. I have nothing against baby girls, in fact, for a few months I thought Archer just might be a girl... I love girls. But the moment when I saw the obvious signs that pointed to a boy on the ultrasound monitor, I grinned ear to ear.

I think part of me always knew that I would have two boys close in age. Okay thats not completely true, part of me always wanted two boys close in age. I only grew up with a sister, so there was always something mysterious about a brother. We had a house full of bows and Barbie mansions, dance lessons and cheerleading camp. (my poor dad) We knew nothing of sports or GI Joe, and what little we did know came from our cousins and neighbors.

My two years experience of being a boy mom has taught me a few things. Boys are a creature all their own. They are loud and crazy, and they play rough. They like things that make loud noises, make big messes, and things they shouldn't even play with... Like power tools. Boys get the short end of the stick when it comes to the clothing department and the joke that Target calls the Boy's shoe section. Luckily, little boys don't need a lot of shoes!

Little boys have an innate since of adventure instilled in them from their creator. It is no accident that they want to compete and win, to fight and be the hero, they want to be like their daddies. Little boys like to be praised for being well behaved and smart. They also have a soft tender side. Little boys need their mamas. They need us to tuck them in to bed, we kiss their boo boos and hurts away, and they shower us with their kisses. Even when they are whining and making us want to change our names... They are doing it all for our attention and affection.
There is not a thing in the world that would make me trade my love for my boy(s). I have gladly traded all things pink and girly for chasing a ball around the backyard and cleaning dirt off of filthy hands. Maybe one day God has a little frilly girl in store for me, maybe not... Either way I am happy and proud to be a boy mom. Little boys are a blessing.