A Messy House

Welcome to our disastrous home! Once again, I appologize for the iphone photos. When I got to the house I only had my 50mm lense which does not show enough of the space.
We have been fixing up a few final necessities before we actually stay there, such as the washer and dryer hook ups and hot water. Those things are now out of the way and we can live there any time... It just depends on how bad I am dependant on having cable, That little luxury could still be a few weeks out. Sadly for me, cable is a necessity.
So far, much of the stuff has been dumped into the living room and dining area until we find a space for it. Most of it is kitchen items do not have a home yet. A lot of the cabinets are lacking shelves inside. We still have to make new shelves for them and our open shelves aren't finished yet. That leaves a lot of homeless dishes left in storage bins. At least we have a table to eat among the chaos! Side note:: I am wishing that I had picked a much bigger lantern for over the kitchen table. I think I may try to paint it a little darker and see if I start to like it more. If not, I may need to find it a new home. Brad will be thrilled to hear me say that!
The living room is the most complete so far. You can see the limewash treatment that we did on the fireplace. I say "we" because the project that I started, Brad had to finish. I will go into more depth later, but lets just say that a lime wash is not as transparent as it appears when it is going on. We ended up with a completely white fireplace. Brad went back and sanded each brick, which was a HUGE mess and pain (for him). We do love the way it finally turned out. We also painted the back doors to match the dark gray accents in the rest of the house. The french doors used to have cheap plastic window panes that didn't let a lot of light through, so Brad cut them out. They aren't perfect, but they will do until we can get new doors.
It is hard to tell from the grainy cell phone photo but the couches are a gray linen material. I LOVE them. I think it really brings together my gray obsession. I will add more colorful throw pillows, those are the ones that came with the couch. Although, I do love the quatrefoil patterned ones. The rug is our old rug from our previous home. I think it is too small for the space and I would eventually like something a little more graphic. It works for now. And for some reason our coffee table is on its side? I saved the coffee table out of my sister in laws garage. 1 tube of wood filler and 16 labor intensive coats of paint later, she's a beauty. I probably should have just bought a new table after all of the work involved!
Keating's room is coming together great. This is the only view I have for now, I LOVE the chalkboard wall. In the next few days I should have the curtains hung. I hope they are as great as I invision them! I tried to make his room transistional for a big boy room. He is getting close to being in a real bed. I also wanted it to be a fun place for him to play, not just sleep.
Finally a peek at our unfinshed room. We need a little touch up painting, handles for our barn doors and I need to put away all of the junk. I'll get around to it eventually! I am super excited that we are finally using the bedding that we registered for nearly 3 years ago when we got married. Good thing I picked a classic Pottery Barn duvet instead of something trendy at the time!

That is all that I have for today. Hopefully this week/ weekend will bring more organizing, maybe a little decorating, and cable. A girl can dream right?!