8 Fears

8 Fears… In no particular order

1. Roaches... is there a nastier creature in all the world!?

2. Losing a loved one

3. Walking in the dark and something touching me. I feel like nasty creatures live in the dark.

4. Snakes… the only good use for a snake is for a pair of shoes or a bag.

5. Cancer.

6. Centipedes. I am creeped out by things with more than 8 legs. Weirdly enough, spiders don’t bother me.

7. Looking out the window at night and someone is watching me but I can’t see them. I think this comes from any classic scary movie.

8. Developing Alzheimer’s. I already have trouble remembering things and I hope this is not something I have to deal with when I am older. It is an awful disease.