House Updates!

I FINALLY have new renovation pictures to share! If you are new around here then you can see before photos here, be warned, it was a little scary. Please come in, just make sure you wash your hands in the random sink on the porch first. This is our new front door. It won't stay this color, we are waiting for the outside of the house to be painted. It also has a little craftsman style shelf that goes under the window giving it a more custom look. Last time you saw the house, the photos showed a lot of paneling and starburst ceilings. Brad tried sanding the ceilings with a ceiling sander and it was a wasted effort, they weren't budging. Instead, we chose to replace them with new sheet rock. While we Brad was at it, he ripped down the old paneling on the walls and had it replaced with sheet rock as well. I know that some houses look great with painted paneling, but since ours only went half way up on the wall the fireplace sits on, {See below, I don't have an updated photo} it really bugged me. Out it went. Here is a view from the front door looking in. The new lights make such a difference as do the new openings in the dividing wall. If you can tell from the picture, we have replaced all of the windows to a less 1970's version and more energy efficient. They let so much more light in, its amazing how much bigger everything looks with proper lighting. The long skinny hallway doesn't even look as narrow with recessed lighting and no paneling. A view of the nice open space.
This is Keating's future room, which was in serious need of repair in case you can't tell by the amount of sheetrock mudding on the walls... The ceiling also had water damage, so I am glad that we decided to include new flat ceilings in the renovation. The bedrooms also got recessed lighting and new windows. The room looks HUGE with all of the daylight. Here is a little memory refresher of our master bedroom... Isn't she a beaut? Here is the master in its current state. Is it bad that I would rather live in this half finished room than the before?? We added the window on the left hand wall {Which may or may not be bad placement depending on how big our new headboard is... oops} We raised the ceiling to a trey ceiling and added can lights. The boarded up window is where our bathroom addition is going. The addition has been framed out and is looking great! I just dont have any photos of it yet. To those that have asked, no we haven't painted yet =) But hopefully that will be happening in the next few weeks. I also finally chose paint colors and have forbidden myself to look at any new ones that may change my mind. I am easily impressionable and I just need to leave well enough alone!