CLEARLY I have a problem...

My name is Candace, and I have an addiction... with paint chips. This photo is even downsized and many chips are stacked on top of others. I have two swatch books and then every gray card x2 made by each paint company. Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Martha Stewart, we are tight. Valspar, Glidden, Behr, Porter paint... yep they're all part of my paint entourage. With all of these samples, I could seriously wallpaper an entire room in my house. Who knew that deciding on colors would be this complicated!? It is for me, for a few reasons.

1. This is our first home "together." Our last house was my house before we got married. I picked whatever color I wanted, and slapped it on the walls. Looking back now, I would probably change most of the colors that I first painted in the house. My tastes have changed a lot, and I want something a lot more neutral and airy. I am putting a lot of pressure on myself to choose the right colors that the whole family will love. I also feel like at this stage in the renovation, this is ALL I can do.

2. Brad doesn't have an opinion until he despises something. I have been dying to paint our hall bathroom peacock blue since we first decided that we were going to move. I kept this plan to myself because in my mind, it was so brilliant, and I really didn't think Brad would care. Umm, who would have known that he hates peacock blue. He loathes it like kids loathe brussel sprouts... what a strange thing to hate. Looks like the hall bath will be beige because I am out of ideas at this point.

3. I have been set on finding the perfect shades of gray. I have decided on SW Agreeable Gray {a warm gray or greige if you will} for the walls in the main living area and kitchen, SW Gauntlet Gray on the cabinets and SW Snowbound for the island and trim throughout the house... and that's where I can't decide what other colors to use. I have OBVIOUSLY confused myself with too many options!

4. I'm now concerned the whole house is going to be too monochromatic. To me, I see the differences in all of the colors that I love, to others, they all look the same. "Looks the same as everything else" as my future brother in law so kindly told me when I asked him what he thought of a misty blue green I found for the hall bathroom. Thanks El, thanks a lot!

I do have other color options in my palette, but I am a little too indecisive to commit to bold colors {besides a hall bath}. I would love to use yellow in our guest room. But then I start an internal debate... Is yellow just a color that I love right now? Will I like it long enough to paint it on the walls? How will I feel in October when I want everything to feel like fall? I would rather have neutral walls and bolder accessories.


Maybe I could have any area I haven't yet decided on just painted a basic beige. Then when inspiration hits me, I will be ready to go? Thoughts?

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