Shades of Gray... or black

Decisions decisions. I have a lot of renovation decisions to make very soon, Keating's room, our bedroom, our bathroom addition... yet the color of the kitchen cabinets will not get out of my head!

I have images of black and gray kitchens swirling in my mind, my email inbox, my photos folder. Its out of control. I like that black is classic and I feel like gray kitchens could end up being a fad, but every time I see a pretty gray kitchen, my heart is happy. Either one I choose will be accented with a shade of white to help lighten up the space. Here are some of my inspiration photos.

The Lettered Cottage

Gorgeous gray and white

I love the shelf under the cabinets.

new project contemporary kitchen
One of my VERY favorites

What do you think? Gray and white or black and white??

And just to refresh your memory of its current state
Things to keep in mind.
*The cabinets above and to the right of the sink will most likely be taken out and open shelving will be put up
*The backsplash will eventually be changed to something lighter
*PLEASE disregard the clutter. Its not ours.

Thanks for your comments and opinions!