Studio Inspiration

My mind is in constant overdrive these days about home decorating and things that I plan to do for our house when we move. One of which is my very own personal art room/studio/office! I always have projects laying around the house, my photography work has no home, and it would be great to have a space for it all.

I would love for the decor in the room to be feminine yet have a funky modern vibe. Something that is completely me and stands out from the rest of our home. I have been looking at modern dining room furniture to give the space a non-traditional feel. I want it to feel more contemporary and artistic than a typical office space. These Alchemia chairs would be the perfect accent to a large work table or desk. I love pink, and in a house full of boys, I won't have many other places to use my favorite color.
Pink is usually thought to be a childish color, but I think that it can be used in an adult manner.

This sleek table makes the pink accents look very grown up.

This modern dining room set balances the busyness of all of the craft supplies with a clean simple seating area. The pink accents are just that, accents. They blend in nicely with the decor.
Although I am not sure I could go this overboard with pink, the modern furniture definitely toughens up the femininity a bit.

If you could have your own space, what color would you make it? How would you decorate it?