Christmas not as planned...

I admit it, I have been a little Bah Humbug so far this Christmas season.

This time last year, I imagined how our Christmas season would be with Keating. I dreamed about decorating our tree and a little tree for his room, our house smelling of fresh baked cookies. Reading him The Night Before Christmas, watching classics like Rudolph and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and waking up to gifts from Santa on Christmas morning.
Well, none of that has gone as planned. Isn't that the way it always goes? This year has really taught me a lot about patience and waiting out God's plan, instead of forcing our own.

We are still living in the basement at my parents and hoping to be in our future home in February or March{Depending on how many renovations we decide to undergo} We don't have a big tree this year, just a tiny Charlie Brown tree with our special ornaments on it. Keating wont sit still to listen to a story, much less watch ANYTHING on tv. He is a busy kid with a very short attention span. He is definitely too busy to let you snuggle him and read a story, or even kiss on him for that matter.
As for gifts, we had planned to get him his first red wagon and lots of other neat toys.... We decided its too cold right now to enjoy a wagon, and we are already limited on space so that is out until we have our own house. He also has lots of toys to play with already, but would rather play with the dog's food bowls, empty butter containers, and old remote controls....

I wanted to make his first Christmas really special, but then after thinking about it, Keating wont remember this Christmas by anything except photos. So, we decided to be more practical about his gifts. He is getting things that he needs instead of junk that will go into the toy box unused or wasted.
I have purchased Christmas pj's, a few new shirts, and a new lovie blanket to swap out with his current one. I know he wont care about any of these things, and these memories are more for us than him anyways. I just hope by next year, that we do have a home of our own to carry out my *perfect* Christmas fantasies and start new traditions for our little family.

In the mean time, I need to embrace this season of our lives and enjoy the moment we are in. I know that one day we will look back and think "remember that time when we were all crammed in the basement? Those were the days!" haha.

Merry Christmas Yall!