New Shoes for Blue!

I had been thinking for awhile that it was time for Keating to have a pair of play shoes. The only "real" shoes he had were for church and a tiny pair of cowboy boots. He didn't have any casual shoes. I had the image of tiny Chuck Taylors stuck in my head and he had to have them! I decided to get them in red, naturally. Since I don't get to buy red patent leather mary janes for a little girl, then I had to get red Converse!

He likes his new shoes! Mostly he tries to pull them off and chew on them. Nice. But they are a lot more handy to stand up in and walk around the furniture.
He also had to have a jacket because it is already SO COLD HERE! I found this at Old Navy on sale and its really cozy inside. Once again.... its red. {I may have a problem!} He isn't fond of the jacket. It gets in his way, he reminds me of the little brother in A Christmas Story that "CANT PUT MY ARMS DOWN!" But he sure does look cute in it!
Tiny shoes are just the cutest thing ever!