1. Every year about this time, I start itching for a haircut. Every. year. It is always a shoulder grazing hairstyle that looks great, but I don't keep it up. I immediately start growing it back out. I am loving these mid length cuts sported by Jessica Alba and January Jones. I am also tired of Keating pulling clumps of my hair out. He has a fascination for my hair! Does anyone else do a seasonal cut?
2. If I decide to cut it, I am cheating on my hairstylist. She has gone up on her price 3 times since I started going to her. I think stylists should have a price lock for loyal customers.

3. We went over to our future home the other day to take note of what all we want to change. Umm... it would be easier to make a list of things we did NOT want to change. I have before pics, but they are scary. I'm not sure yall are ready for it! Okay... just a peek
All of the furniture is the renter's and random pieces that were left by my MIL. I'd rather show before pics with the house empty. There is just so much stuff crammed into this old house its distracting. We have a LOT of work ahead of us. Stay tuned!

4. Austin Scarlett scares me.

5. I'm obsessed with these new pendant lights from Pottery Barn. What's not to be obsessed with at Pottery Barn??
6. Madmen... do y'all watch it? I am thinking that I need to see what all of the fuss is all about. 7. Does anyone have anything exciting going on this weekend? I am going to the Taste of Smyrna with my very pregnant friend. We are going to try to walk her baby out! Eww that sounds weird! and eat great local food!