Brunettes Have More Fun!

Well as I mentioned here I was having some hair trouble. I went to have it done and my regular stylist was booked. The new stylist that I used so kindly decided to "warm up" my hair when she was putting a lightening gloss on it. I have to be really careful dyeing my hair because it easily takes on a red tint when dyed... and that's exactly what "warming it up" did.

The other day I couldn't take it anymore, and I didn't want to risk going to the salon to be disappointed, yet again. I decided to take matters into my own hands.

The last time that I dyed my own hair, it wasn't pretty. I ended up with almost black hair... almost. Pictures of me in my senior year of high school look like I was a goth chic, I most definitely was not. It wasn't attractive on me and it took FOREVER to get it back to normal. So this was a very daring approach, If I do say so myself.

My mom and I went to Target and browsed the hair dye selections. We decided that I needed a brown with cool tones in it to balance out the red/ brassiness. Then I saw this!

Score! I had never seen the brass free hair dye before, and since it was only semi permanent I thought it would be perfect!

I was really careful this time and followed all instructions exactly. I even snipped a few strands out and did a test to see how dark I wanted to go. I decided 10 min wasn't long enough, so I went with 15 minutes.

Here is my BEFORE

And AFTER (Yes I took this in my car!)

What do you think?? I'm loving it! It is warm without being red, a nice chocolatey brown. And there is NO trace of red or brassiness in my hair! I highly recommend the Natural Instincts Brass Free Brunettes dye, I will definitely be using it again!
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