Summer is so hectic!

I thought summer was a time when you were supposed to relax and catch up from the chaos of the other 9 months of the year!? We are already in JULY! Its nuts I tell ya!

We are already teething in our house. Seriously... where has time gone?? My baby cant be old enough to be getting teeth. But, sadly its true!

I'm apologizing in advance. Life is crazy right now, and I may not have time to blog much. I am currently packing up our house to move. I dont want to say where we are going just yet, out of fear of jinxing something. But lets just say if it all works out, it would be sweet! So I'll fill you in later as I know more.

We also have to get ours rented out STAT! If you have any advice for successfully renting out your house to people that dont trash it and leave you high and dry, I'd love to hear it! We are new to the whole landlord thing!

Here's a pic I took of Keating when I did some 4 month portraits of him. I could eat him up!

... and baby is crying... naptime is over.