Got Milk? I'm an idiot... really!

I'm running low... well not really. I have milk, but it isnt flowing out at the speed of a super soaker like Keating wants it to... apparently. He gets restless, starts kicking, flailing his arms, screaming. (Im sorry if I bore you with talks of his screaming... hopefully the end is in sight)

Brad's wise aunt made the suggestion "maybe he is still hungry?" Well I had thought that myself, but I figured he is gaining weight and he stops eating when he gets enough. I talked to the Dr. about it, she assured me he was getting plenty.

QUITE the opposite actually!

Yesterday I began an experiment. I decided to nurse, and then when he acted frustrated or done, I would have a bottle to give him. Well by golly, he gulped it down. I did it at the next feeding, and the next... same deal. This pattern continued throughout the day and I began again today.

Today, I decided "lets add in a little cereal and see how he likes that". MILK DRUNK! He hasnt gotten milk drunk since he was a wee little 6lb baby fresh from the hospital. For those of you that dont know what milk drunk is... its where he eats so much that he just stops, and stares off into space. Totally full, about to bust, but oh so content!

Yall, I think my pissy kid is just HUNGRY! I was feeding him every three hours or whenever he acted "hungry" but for a kid that screams so much, we didnt know he was STILL hungry. Brad would say "Is he hungry?" and I'd usually snap back annoyed "HE JUST ATE!" But now I know that he wants more than what he is getting from me.

I may regret saying this, but he hasnt even had a meltdown since I started feeding him more. Now, I know Im probably going to get flack for giving him cereal already. He is 16 weeks on Saturday, which in my opinion is 4 months... right? I honestly dont even care, say what you want. If you came into my house and heard this kid wail, I'm pretty confident you would be shoveling cereal in his mouth too!

I still want to try to keep breast feeding, but it is getting harder because each time his frustration increases. I am pumping to keep up with his demand and he is getting a little formula in there too. Since we are getting so close to really starting solid foods I think I can hang on a little while longer. I said I'd go 6 months in the beginning, and I'm going to do it one way or the other.