A truly honest post

I usually keep my blog upbeat. I try not to give out too many details, while still writing about my family life and our daily happenings. This post is going to be very candid.

My husband has been wronged and Im not just saying that because Im his wife. Everyone knows it... You know the instant pissed off feeling you get when someone messes with someone that you love??? You just instantly want to throat punch them? Yep that's been me for the last week. It has been brewing for the past few months, but last week took the cake.

In case you forgot, hubs is or was the police chief of a small town. This town is the epitome of Mayberry. To give you an idea of how small it is, the neighborhood I live in is probably twice the size, with twice the occupants. When people use the phrase "one horse town" I'm not even sure if it would qualify... I've never even seen a horse there. They have no stop lights, not even a store. It is the definition of east bumble...... yeah you get the idea.

In January a new mayor took office. The mayor seemed to be good for the city. He had great ideas and ways to help the city progress and grow. As soon as he took office, all of that changed. A man that formally had a progressive agenda, now had a vendetta. His first douchetastic item on his new agenda was to take away the Chief position from hubs. Apparently his young age affected his ability to police a town, a town the size of a postage stamp, might I remind you.

This man has NO idea how to run a city. You dont go demoting someone just because you feel like it. This isnt playing a game of sim city or something... this is real life and people's lives are affected by him being a jerk.

On to the next order of business.

As if a demotion wasnt enough, last week Brad was unlawfully fired. I stress unlawfully because the mayor broke 3 rules when doing so...

To sum it all up, this man is on a power trip. He broke the city charter to fire him. He had been trying to find a reason to fire him for awhile, but Brad being a good chief, didnt give him one. Last weekend, the mayor insisted that Brad work and miss being a groomsmen in his best friends out of town wedding. It gave him the ammo he had been looking for when Brad told him that wasnt possible to work. (My husband is a dang good friend!)

So, Im currently at home on maternity leave and my husband is unemployed. Awesome! I know it will all work out and that God has better things in store, but that doesnt keep me from wanting to hit the guy in the face.

So yall, if you think about it... say a prayer for us. We have a family to support and a house to pay for (we are trying to rent it).

Thanks Everyone!!
CandaceThe Honest Truth