Nursery Reveal #1

Well, I figured that I was keeping you all in suspense long enough! haha! I have been waiting to post pictures until everything was done, but that could be just a little while longer. Here is what we have finished!

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I really need to take photos during the day next time, but I never think about it until its too late!

The crib is from JC Penney. I love the classic style. It converts to a toddler bed, but not a full-sized bed. We decided to forgo that route because we have an abundance of bedroom furniture as it is.

I was very stupid ambitious, and made all of the bedding. Am I a glutton for punishment? Yes! I thought "Its a tiny bedding set, how hard could it be!?" HAHA RIGHT! What a PITA! The quilt is still a work in progress. I should have it finished up soon though.
The bumpers are made of vanilla colored chenille and three different decorator fabrics. A western print and black and red gingham. I didnt realize until after these were finished, that the Western print that I was using was labeled "DRY CLEAN ONLY!" Awesome! Perfect fabric for an infant to puke on!

Here is the back side.Sorry for the wrinkled sheet

A top view with the cute little doggie that Missy gave Keating.

When I originally sewed the bumpers, I didnt plan on tufting them. But once they were filled, they definitely needed something extra. They were also extremely fluffy. I know there are mixed opinions on crib bumpers, so I figured, the flattter the better.

For those concerned, the bumpers will be removed as soon as he starts moving around in his crib.

A close up of the piping. I sewed all of the red piping. Over 33 feet to be exact. Yeah, I will NEVER do that again!
I realized they sold this stuff prefinished for a reason...

Here is view of the bed skirt. Bed skirts are surprisingly very easy to make. Or I should rephrase and say that the way I did it was easy... It may not be right, but it worked!

It was just a little folding, pinning and sewing. Maybe I will make a tutorial one day?

Here is a glimpse of the banner my friend Michelle made for Keating's shower. It fits in perfectly in the nursery! Also, an awesome lamp that my aunt got for him. I love the boots!

While I was hard at work... here is Lola already trying to steal Keating's toys. She is going to have a BIG adjustment! She is dreaming about squeaking and gnawing on Sophie the Giraffe and taking her for her very own!!

Well, thats all you get for now! Hopefully everything else will be wrapped up very soon!
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