Hello vampire lovah!

Last night while buying grits at the grocery store, I scanned the magazine rack like I usually do while I'm waiting. I had to catch my breath when I saw the special issue of People devoted to New Moon.
I even held up the line as I was drooling over the photos... seriously.

In the express line, people dont appreciate having to wait!

With the release of New Moon being only 30 days away (I know Im not the only one who is counting...) I thought I would give yall a little preview of the deliciousness that lies ahead. =)

The make up in this movie is so much more believable than Twilight. Im so glad, because this is the gorgeous Edward I imagined while reading the book!

I dont even want to get started on this one! Steamy!!!

Im totally team Edward, but Jacob is looking pretty good in this movie!

Vampire Perfection!

I think Im going to reread the book again before going to see the movie. Missy we're still on right?? I cant look like a loser going to see it by myself!!