20 Weeks! HALF WAY!!!

Keating is the size of a cantaloupe!

John Wayne wanted in on the baby bump picture!

I have a bump!

* How far along?: 20 Weeks
* Total weight gain: Im not sure? I go to the Dr on Monday so we will see!
* How big is baby?: The size of a cantaloupe! WOW! No wonder I have felt some serious stretching lately!
* Sex: BOY!!!!
* Maternity clothes?: All pants and some shirts
* Stretch marks?: nope but my belly feels like its really stretching now. I'm keeping it well moisturized.
* Sleep?: So so. Its getting hard to change positions and not being able to sleep on my back is a huge pain. For those that dont know, you cant sleep on your back after you're about 16 weeks pregnant because the uterus pushes on some important artery or something? Sound pretty scary, but its really nothing to worry about.
* Best moment this week? My husband finally getting to feel the baby kick. He has been trying to feel for a couple of weeks now. Once he felt it he said "Oh thats it? I felt that a long time ago!"
* Movement?: yep! He's quite the hyper boy! Seeing my belly bounce up and down is very surreal.
* Food cravings?: Nothing really because I have been having stomach aches after I eat. Keating is taking up all of my eating room in my stomach!
* Labor signs?: n/a
* Belly button in or out?: In but looking different.
* What I miss: my brain! I am losing it... literally. I have lost my camera and camera charger and have no clue where either are!
* What I'm looking forward to: Baby related, getting starting on the nursery. Non baby related, going to Boston!
* Words of Wisdom: When you get knocked up, your blog followers start dropping like flies. Am I giving too much baby talk??
* Milestone: WOW I'm half way there!!!