Nursery Inspiration Board

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to start my family with a son. I was the oldest of two girls in my family, and I always wished I had an older brother. Boys are somewhat of a mystery in my family, we only knew about hair bows, cheerleading, dance, and lots of pink growing up. We didnt have little league football, or tonka trucks laying around! The only things I knew about boys were from my male cousins. An older brother would have been pretty handy, especially during those years, when boys can be... well... jerks. It would have been nice to have someone to intimidate them! =)

Anyways, I've always had it in my head that I wanted a son first. Lucky for me, I got what I wanted! As long as I have known that, I have also known how I would decorate the nursery. Keating's nursery will be somewhat vintage western/retro cowboy inspired. I say "inspired" because I dont want it to be an over the top hoe down. I just want a few western accents and then the rest will be rustic and masculine in a baby sort of way!

Here is my inspiration so far.The center fabric is my main inspiration. From there I'm going to pull in coordinating patterns, textures and fabrics. I love the polkadots, ticking stripes, and hounds tooth. The colors at the bottom will be additional accent colors and the light tan is a possible wall color. Im debating between that, or the blue, but in a lighter shade.

The bed was ordered yesterday, so once it comes in, I can take measurements and get started on making the bedding. Right now, I think I will do a quilt, bumpers, and a bed skirt. Out of a combination of the fabrics.

Instead of buying a changing table, we are going to use an old dated dresser that was B's dad's. It has a "nice" 70's look to it, so it is going to take some work. But it is quite large and sturdy with lots of drawer space. I have been looking for a good project, so Im excited! I'm trying to decide what color to paint it. Im toying with red, blue or cream and leaving the top as finished wood. Something like this... Thoughts?
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