Houston... I think we have movement!!

So Ive been a total blog slacker lately. I'm managing a post every two days... that is pathetic! Well I had planned on posting my awesome fish taco recipe today. (I love fish tacos, and Im always craving them!) But last night, while laying in bed... I *think* I felt the baby move. I say *think* because Im not sure if what I was feeling was the baby... let me explain

Ive always been told that the baby should feel like little butterflies, or a goldfish moving around, or even little twinges. Well this was more of a nudge or a few pokes. Who knows... if this is the baby, then I could have been feeling this long before last night. I was just waiting for the wrong feeling maybe?

Feeling a "nudge" reminds me of Bella in Twilight saying her baby was her "little nudger." That term scares me a little because, well, baby Reneesme was freaky! Im obviously not hoping for a baby that rips its way out of my abdomen, or has me craving human blood, or has me delivering a baby the size of a two year old in a matter of days... but I hope to feel a lot more "nudging" now!

For women that have had babies, is that what Im feeling? What should it feel like? There is so much I dont know when it comes to having babies!

I have also sadly had to retire my favorite pair of citizens this morning. I tried putting them on and I couldnt zip them up. I told my husband "my jeans dont fit today because I just washed them." He responded with "No babe, I think you're just pregnant" Thank you for pointing that out! =) Hopefully we arent saying "auf wiedersehen" forever, just until after February! Good bye jeans, I will miss you!