18 weeks!

* How far along?: 18 Weeks
* Total weight gain: A pound or two
* How big is baby?: A sweet potato, this I believe more than an onion like last week
* Sex: BOY!!!!
* Maternity clothes?: pants and some shirts. Regular shirts still fit but they arent long enough to cover the maternity band on jeans.
* Stretch marks?: nope
* Sleep?: Still good, just lots of crazy dreams.
* Best moment this week? Joining team blue, and Keating's first friend Gates was born on Monday night!
* Movement?: a little bit here and there. He still isnt big enough to feel all the time.
* Food cravings?: Hot tea
* Labor signs?: n/a
* Belly button in or out?: Still in
* What I miss: Going into my closet and picking anything to wear... now I have a morning debate on what fits and what doesnt.
* What I'm looking forward to: The crib should be here this week, so I may get started on the nursery soon!
* Words of Wisdom: I think men are always men, even in the womb! This is evident from Keating's hand placement during our big ultrasound!
* Milestone: Finding out its a BOY and being about 80% sure on his middle name. Hopefully we decide soon!