RueLaLa and Cole Haan, why must you tempt me with your goodies!? You know how I have a weakness for you!

I love my red bag so much, that they had to tempt me with this gorgeous whiskey colored one. I want this something fierce!

This metallic one would be a perfect winter bag to go with everything. Dont you think?

Cant go wrong with a classic black bag! Too bad I cant afford you!

And the shoes... OH THE SHOES! Please quit torturing me! Why must there be a Cole Haan boutique when Im trying to SAVE MONEY!? WHYYYYYY??? I wish they accepted paypal, or monopoly money for that matter!

Maybe a few of you ladies can benefit from these beauties!? If you need an invite leave me your email address and Ill send one your way!

Dont forget about ask me anything! Leave your questions in the comments or email them to!