Weekend Recap

Ever have a Monday where you need another weekend just to recover? Yes, I am having that kind of Monday! This weekend was my dear friend's wedding. Some of you may know her as Missy in Pink. The weekend was gorgeous, despite the crappy weather. Friday night was her Rehearsal Dinner. The night started with cocktails on the patio on the golf course. It was beautiful, and then the thunderclouds started rolling in. Everything was moved in doors, and still turned out perfect. They also got awesome photos standing infront of a rainbow! Here are a few photos.

Me and the bride!!

Such a great couple!

The photographer was THRILLED when this rainbow appeared!

Missy's Sister in law Michelle

On Saturday it was cloudy all day, but the sun came out JUST IN TIME for the wedding. I was so happy for Missy that it did! She looked INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL! Im not an emotional person at weddings, but this one almost got me... almost! I admit I got teary eyed, and I didnt even cry at my own wedding! haha Everything was pink and green and so cute! All of Missy's hard work certainly paid off!

Me and B

( I am sporting my AWESOME headband made by Deals, Steals, and Heels I got SO many compliments on it!)

Mrs. H and me

Me and Mrs H enjoying the beverages

The gorgeous bride and groom

Janae, Missy, Alyssa and Me

Well, that is all of the sneak peek you get! I dont want to ruin her fun and post too much! You will just have to wait until she gets back from her honeymoon!