Warm Weather Has Arrived!

The weather is finally warmer and that excites me for various reasons!

1. Its Flip Flop weather!!! Sweet Tea Diaries is doing an AWESOME give away with an LL Bean Boat and Tote Bag and a pair of LL Bean Flip Flops, YOUR CHOICE! I'm a sucker for these watermelon ones because it reminds me of being little. For some reason my mom had a fascination with dressing my sister and me in watermelon attire. I still have no idea why we always matched, but we looked pretty cute doing it! These kind of bring me back to my childhood!

2. DRESSES! I have been a dress girl since way back in my watermelon days! I got these two SUPER cute dresses from Chadwicks.com. I used a coupon code and got both for 39 dollars plus shipping! How great of a bargain is that!?

3. Cold Water! I drink about four 20 ounce glasses of water per day. It sits on my desk in my sweet tervis tumbler and I chug- a- lug. My company gets Fontis Mountain Spring Water and its simply the best. It comes from a spring in the Blue Ridge Mountains so it isn't glorified tap water like Dasani and other brands. I heart fontis so much that I have it delivered to my house too! Try it, its the best!

4. Good food! I can seriously make a meal out of dips. Dips with chips, bread, fruit, it doesn't matter! This past weekend at the festival I was at, I found a vendor with the greatest stuff ever!!! It is packs of spices or ingredients that you add to simple things in your fridge like cream cheese or olive oil. They are called Spicy Chicks and they have a TON of different varieties and they are so cheap. I was sold when they told me I could use the sweet ingredients to frost cupcakes. I have such a weakness for cupcakes!! I will give a review when I make them! I also made shrimp scampi out of one of the seasoning packs... easy and oh so good!