My new favorite thing!

I admit it... I have a problem... I buy ENTIRELY too much makeup. After I get my new magazines in each month, there is always atleast one thing that I go right out and buy after reading about it. I am a sucker for pretty advertisements in those glossy pages! I just cant help myself. I recently saw this product and knew that it would be my next conquest.

These are CoverGirl Outlast "markers" I guess you could call them?? Basically it is a lip stain with a marker type tip. You color it on your lips and it doesnt bleed or rub off. It seriously stays on for hours. I love that it doesnt make my lips feel dry and I can wear my beloved chapstick over it. Im sure it could also be used as a all in one eye and cheek color as well. (May have to try that) I bought it in some sort of berry color, but I will definitely be going back to get the red shade. I have such a hard time wearing red because it usually ends up all over my face. I'm pretty excited about my new find if you cant tell!?