Awesome Find!!

I have been riding around with clothes for goodwill in my car for a VERY. LONG. TIME. Friday afternoon, I decided to drop them off, but when I pulled up I decided to take a gander inside. I guess I have been inspired by my blogging idols about goodwill finds so I went on in. I dont know what it is about thrift stores, but they make me itch. I'm pretty sure that this is completely mental, but either way I was already scratching when I walked through the doors.

As I browsed the furniture section, I saw it.... a BEAUTY! A gorgeous chair in perfect condition. It had been faux painted by the previous owner, but I was more attracted to its structure. It had great lines and awesome legs! I gave it a quick look and got excited, but continued to browse the store just incase I found something else. The rest was complete junk and I immediately went back to my little treasure and lugged it to the front of the store.

At 19.91 it was a little pricey for Goodwill in my opinion, but still completely worth it! I have seen such chairs in Ballard Designs and Horchow for much more. I got it home and took a few good photos of it outside for before shots. (You didnt honestly think I was going to leave it alone, did you??) Once it made its temporary home in my garage, I armed myself with cans of lysol and baby wipes. I went to town cleaning it and de-germing it (all while clawing at my itching arms).

Horchow chair $459.00!!

In the closed off garage I started to notice the smell. This chair was the possession of a smoker (ICK), but not just any smoker... a smoker for MANY MANY years, probably more years than I have been alive. The smell reminded me of visiting my great grand mother in the nursing home in the 80's, before smoking was banned in such places. (double ick, GAG!) I IMMEDIATELY began ripping off the fabric and sanitizing everything.

I had visions of a glossy black chair, and so it got its first bath in black paint that night. I also picked out a great cream and black houndstooth fabric for the upholstery. I can not wait to post the finished project.