Cookies Make a Great Breakfast!

Seriously, my Kitchenaid mixer is going to make me fat. Its always there, tempting me, taunting me... telling me that I need to bake cookies! I have convinced myself that homemade cookies are much better for me than store bought ones. Atleast I know the ingredients are sugar, flour, butter, vanilla, chocolate chips, and more sugar! Its much better than Thiamine Mononitrate, whatever the heck that stuff is!

I admit, the past few times I have pulled it out in an attempt to make my favorite cookies, has been somewhat of a disaster. I decided that I would try to make them a bit healthier and substitute the 2 sticks of butter for Smart Balance which is "great for baking." I ended up with pancake flat, rock hard, cookies. DO NOT use Smart Balance for baking... they lie! Last night however, I used real, delicious, full fat butter, and they turned out DIVINE!!! So great that I ate 4 for breakfast with my morning coffee. I have no regrets! MMMMM