candace carroll

The love of art and color have always run deep within me. Growing up, my mother painted in her spare time and I was really influenced by her paintings and the way she reused old southern roofing slate as her canvas. She would let me paint alongside her and encouraged my love of all things creative. My desire to create never faded and after a semester spent “exploring” a business degree, I changed direction and pursued art. I received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with a focus in photography. After college, I spent a few years as a portrait photographer, but the switch from film to digital photography left me wanting more. I missed the process of creating something with my own two hands and began painting as a creative outlet. What began as a small hobby has grown to a true passion.

My paintings consist of florals, southern landscapes, home elevations or anything else that inspires.  For me, painting is a gift from my Savior. It is a way that I am able to connect spiritually using my talents.


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